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About us. 

MM Legal Group is a general practice law firm, with a special emphasis on family law. Maecey also provides Guardian ad Litem services, which have recently become more prevalent and necessary in the Family Law realm.

Other than family law, Maecey handles contract litigation, contract formation, small claims matters, general civil litigation, expungements, name changes, and business formation/compliance. If we don't handle your type of case, we can always provide you with a recommendation or point you in the right direction!

MM Legal Group aims to prioritize client satisfaction above all else, which is often directly affected by the costs and fees expended by said client. We aim to provide affordable and flexible legal services for Oklahomans in efforts to promote increased accessibility to legal representation throughout our state. We hear too many tragic stories from clients who cannot afford representation, but also don’t qualify for the free legal resources available. This is an important value that our firm adopts in order to best serve our clients and Oklahoma.

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