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MM Legal Group looks forward to helping you with your legal needs. We strive to offer affordable and diligent services to each client that walks through our doors. Call us today to see what we can do for you!

  • How much does an attorney cost?
    This answer depends on a variety of factors, such as type of case, stage of case, level of contention, travel required, etc. That being said, most initial retainers range from $1,500 to $5,000. If your case is completely agreed and you just need the documents drawn up, it can be as cheap as $1,500, whereas if your case is hotly contested and requires a substantial amount of work, we will typically require an initial retainer of $5,000. Some cases are what we refer to as “flat-fee” which is one price for the entire case, within certain parameters. For example, if you have an agreed divorce or a probate that isn’t expected to encounter any “hiccups”, we will charge a flat fee for that case. Ultimately, the cost of litigation completely depends upon the parties - the more likely you are to reach an agreement, the less likely your case will "cost an arm and a leg".
  • What is an “initial retainer”?
    An initial retainer is a payment that goes directly into a trust account. This money does not belong to the attorney or firm until said money is earned. The attorney will bill on an hourly basis and that money will then be withdrawn from the retainer balance. For example, if you pay a $3,500 initial retainer and the attorney does 2 hours of work at a rate of $250 per hour, then the attorney will withdraw only $500 from the $3,500. Filing fees, service charges, and other hard costs are also deducted from your initial retainer. We call it an initial retainer because this amount will likely not cover the entire case if it is contested and requires substantial attorney involvement. If your retainer runs out, you are expected to replenish it accordingly.
  • How can your family lawyers help me?
    At MM Legal Group, our family lawyers have the experience and knowledge necessary to assist you with your family law needs. Regardless of your circumstances, our proficient family lawyers will work diligently on your behalf, doing everything possible to obtain a successful result in your family law case. Some of the issues our family law attorneys can assist you with include: Child custody Divorce Child support Paternity Adoption Alimony Guardianship Grandparent visitation
  • Does your firm handle business contract issues?
    Contracts play a vital role in the successful operation and growth of every business. Therefore, it is imperative that all contracts affecting your business are realistic, legally enforceable, detailed, and thorough. In addition, you must be prepared to respond accordingly when a party with whom you have a contractual relationship fails to perform as required under the agreement. At MM Legal Group, our business lawyers can assist you with all your business contract needs. Whether you need assistance drafting enforceable business contracts or taking legal action following a breach of contract, our attorneys are here for you. Fun Fact: Even oral contracts are binding in Oklahoma under certain circumstances. See
  • What other types of law do you practice?
    At MM Legal Group, our lawyers provide a wide range of legal services. Some of the additional types of law we practice include: Immigration: Our firm can assist you with a multitude of immigration issues, such as changes of status, adjustment of status, and application for US citizenship. Eviction: Whether you are a landlord seeking to evict a tenant for failing to pay their rent or a tenant facing wrongful eviction, our attorneys can provide you with the legal assistance necessary to see your case through to a satisfactory conclusion. Name change: If you are seeking a name change, our lawyers can help ensure that your name change request is approved and legally sufficient. Expungement: A criminal record can complicate a number of things, such as finding employment, obtaining certain types of loans, and securing suitable housing. At MM Legal Group, we can help you rebuild your life by pursuing the expungement of your criminal record. Probate: When our loved ones leave us too soon, we often are settled with the undesirable task of dividing their assets. Whether your loved one left you with an Estate Plan or not, we are ready to help with the probate process. MM Legal Group is prepared to make this process as simple as possible for you so that you aren’t dealing with a probate headache on top of your grief.
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