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MM Legal Group has had the privilege of assisting clients with the many hurdles involved in landlord and tenant disputes, lease negotiation and drafting, ejectment actions, enforcing or defending against lease agreements, commercial evictions, and residential tenant evictions. 

Our firm aims to always provide quality services through aggressive and experienced legal representation. MM Legal Group prides itself on being a full service landlord and tenant law firm, handling all matters affecting your rights as either a landlord or tenant.

We can perform tenant evictions for large apartment complexes, real estate managers, and individual landlords. Tenants who do not pay rent cause huge financial strains upon landlords. Furthermore, tenants who breach lease agreements for any other reason can cause significant problems for landlords and other tenants on the property.

On the other hand, if you feel as if your landlord is wrongfully evicting you or not holding up his/her/its end of the bargain - call us today to explore your options. You may qualify for certain exceptions and/or exemptions allowing you to keep the roof over your head a while longer.


Ultimately, our goal is to take swift action, navigate and manage the process for you as smoothly as possible, and deliver results that preserve your rights and remedy your grievances. We accomplish this goal by being extremely time conscious, meticulously following procedures, and deadlines - all while offering an affordable fee to our clients. 


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