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Expungement Attorney 

A criminal record can follow a person long after they are proven innocent or charges are dismissed. This can make good employment prospects, securing a decent loan agreement, gaining new friends, and a whole other host of life milestones feel impossible. The lawyers at MM Legal Group are more than happy to help their clients rebuild their lives, reclaim their reputation, and move forward with a clean slate.

Navigating expungement and record sealing can prove complex and tedious. If you hope to remove your criminal past from public records and start anew, you should seek assistance from a licensed and qualified attorney.

Do you qualify for expungement?


While expungements are possible in many different situations, it can be difficult to actually obtain one. Having a hard-working legal team behind you is critical. Expungements may be granted in Oklahoma under certain circumstances, some of which are as follows:

  • You were acquitted;

  • Your conviction was reversed by a qualifying appellate court with instructions to dismiss;

  • You were established factually innocent by DNA evidence;

  • You were fully pardoned by the Governor;

  • You were under 18 when the crime was committed and you received a full pardon for the offense;

  • You were arrested, but no charges of any type are filed within the statute of limitations

  • Your arrest or charges resulted from someone stealing your identity

  • You have a prostitution-related conviction or charge which was committed due to your status as a victim of human trafficking; or

  • The prosecuting agency has declined to file charges.

**A more completed list of persons authorized to file a motion for expungement can be found here.

There are some crimes that cannot be removed from public record post-conviction, such as violent crimes or sex crimes subject to Oklahoma Sex Offender Registration. However, even a felony conviction can be expunged under certain circumstances. 

In many expungement cases, the person now seeking a clean slate was either innocent in the beginning or has since turned his/her life around. You don't deserve for past mistakes to haunt and hinder you in your new and improved life. Let us help you move forward with peace and confidence. 

If you'd like to see whether you qualify for an expungement call us today and set up a consultation!


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