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Name Change Attorney


"I once had a 70+ year old client come to me for a name change because the name he had assumed his entire life, was not his actual birth name. This gentleman somehow unknowingly obtained a driver's license, social security/disability, and other legal documents in his "fake" name. However, he was now being denied a license renewal due to the inconsistencies. Just a short three weeks after meeting with me, his name was legally changed to the only name he had ever known."

                                                                                                             -Maecey McClain, Partner


 It is very likely that a court will allow your name change so long as you are not (1) a registered sex offender, (2) seeking this name change for illegal or fraudulent purpose, or (3) seeking this name change to delay or hinder creditors.

Some potential reasons for a name change:

  • You feel like the "e" on the end of your name doesn't quite balance it out;

  • Your peers used to call you by some hurtful nickname; 

  • You want to assume your adopted or step-parent's name, after turning 18;

  • You failed to request a name change in your Divorce Decree;

  • You want to change your child's surname to match yours (or your significant other's);

  • You are a different person than you were when your parents assigned you your birth name;

  • Your birth name doesn't match your preferred pronouns;

  • Your parents named you "Bird Brains McClain" and that no longer suits your vibe;

  • You are making a career change and you believe your birth name will hinder you; or

  • You simply prefer to be called "Dick" instead of "Richard" and would like your driver's license and such to reflect that.

These cases are fairly simple and direct. However, there is usually a mandatory "waiting period" due to publication requirements. Call us today to start the process - 405.669.5820.

Don't want to pay an attorney to handle this? Understandable. We offer to solely draft the paperwork and send you on your way with detailed step-by-step instructions on how to finalize the name change. This option is significantly cheaper than hiring an attorney to oversee the entire process. 


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